Industry Issues

Women make up 80% of the automotive industry's market, its increasingly important to realize this. We ask questions, look at the details, and need to understand the "why". By the way, this is great news for you Service Repair Facilities owners, because safety and affordability is at the top of our list.

What makes a good Service Repair Facility

An honest shop, that remembers or has access to the recommendations for each customer, they have made, offers fair pricing, and repairs the car without unnecessary expense. A good shop will also continuously educate and inform their customers of needed repairs and changes that affect their vehicle.

Problems faced by today's Service Repair Facilities:

  • Receiving the wrong parts from parts houses
  • Mismatched part numbers with OEM numbers when ordering from your parts houseleading to the wrong part being delivered.
  • Handwritten orders that look like chicken scratch leaving the RO up for price discussion because there is a low value perception.
  • Missing part numbers when searching parts houses
  • Loss of warranty due to stacks of paperwork to sort in order to locate the correct repair order.
  • Failure to charge for small items like hose clamps leading to loss revenues
  • Plummeting profits
  • Low customer retention
  • Failure to increase foot traffic
  • Poor marketing efforts
  • Returned postcards
  • Failure to collect Email addresses
  • Poor inventory management
  • Strained customer relationships
  • Low tech productivity
  • Marketing

Good news... you are not alone and I am here to help you.